Sunday, December 11, 2011

Muslim Youth Training Module

We provide training module For Muslims youngsters. It is very helpful for Muslim organization, group, mosque, school, collage, university, lecturers, teachers, da’ie all over the world to organize the program specifically to enhance and develop Muslim youngsters.
The module has been developed by a group of expert on training and development for Muslim youth. We have been organized many programs and activities all over the world including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
The modules are provided in MS Power Point and PDF format.
The modules specifically explain very detail on each activity. Pictures, layout, schedules, power point slides for every topics are given precisely.
Only USD 60 For each module . We will send the module through email after payment being made within 2 hours. To purchase please select below.
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The modules are as listed below:
1. Module Training For Muslim Youth - SMART SOLAT – (solat appreciation)
Objective :
To give understanding to the younger generation about the importance to perform the
To Inculcate congregation among the young generation
To Introduce the SMART consept in the life of Muslim youths
Contents of the module :-
- The right method to perform solat,
- The right method to perform whuduk
- The right practices to be imam in solat
- The right practices to be makmum in solat,
- The benefit of Solat in muslim youngsters life
- The right way to Azan and Iqamah
- SMART Muslim through SOLAT

2. Module Training For Muslim Youth - SMART MUSLIM YOUTH
Contents of the module :-
- My Existence and My Responsibility
- Strategy as young Muslim
- Manageable
- Attention/ focus
- Responsiblity Towards Excellency
- Target / Time management
- Games – Strategy
- Communication
- Writing
- Presentation Challenge

3. Module Training For Muslim Youth - ENVIRO MUSLIM (Environmental Appreciation and Conservation)
Contents of the module :-
- I am Excellence Khalifah
- Understanding the relationship of human, environment and Allah SWT as the creator
- Enviro Thinkers – Ulul Albab
- 5R – A better practices as Muslim
- Enviro Challenges
- Plan and Actions
- Debate

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